• Orthotics


    What are orthotics? Orthotics, also known as shoe inserts and/or arch supports, are a structured and supportive device that help align the foot in a neutral manner to prevent increased stress and strain on joints, tendons, and ligaments due to biomechanical abnormalities. These inserts fit inside your shoe. What do they do? Orthotics do not

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  • Employee of the Year: Misty Maxey

    Employee of the Year: Misty Maxey

    Podiatry Associates of Cincinnati would like to congratulate Misty on being Employee of the Year!  Misty is a Registered Medical Assistant and the Site Coordinator of our West Chester office. She has been with Podiatry Associates of Cincinnati for 2 years and has worked in the podiatry field for the last 6 years. In Misty’s spare

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